About Us

We have been assisting learners to achieve their full potential in Numeracy and Literacy for over 17 years by providing learning through Interactive Tutorials, Fun Activities and Testing.

    These multimedia programs provide:
     - A sound pedagogical approach to instruction creating a vibrant and interesting environment for our learners.
     - An authentic contexts that engage the learners.

          All our products can be used as part of an intervention strategy or to help at-risk students.We continue to strive to assist as many learners as possible by offering a fun, interactive opportunity to achieve an understanding of the subjects.

          We provide innovative Grade R-12 educational software titles to provide students with unmatched opportunities to explore, learn and develop the skills they need to succeed both in the Home and School environment.

          Our Learning Software includes the following::
           - guided discovery / exercises;
           - whole group instructional settings;
           - interactive individual student activities / lessons;
           - individual student tracking and assessment.